Five Fundamentals of Patient Communication – Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank you – are five behaviors to use in every patient/family encounter to anticipate, meet and exceed the expectations of the customer.

Communication Board:

A message board organized and aligned by Pillars and placed strategically in an organization or department to communicate consistent messages and key information to the staff and physicians.  Most organizations use the Five Pillars: Service, People, Quality, Financial, and Growth to organize and communicate the information.

Connecting the Dots:
To use key words to link actions to the goals and values of the organization and help others understand what you are doing and why.  This can be done throughout all activities, i.e. awards, announcements, thank yous, staff meetings, new policies, etc.

Key Words at Key Times:
Key words at key times are things said and done to “connect the dots” and help patients, families, and visitors better understand what we are doing.  They align our words with our actions to give a consistent experience and message.

The process by which an organization, department, team or individual integrates a behavior or action into the daily operations to ensure it becomes a habit and is done.

Harvest Wins:
The action of taking positive information learned and sharing it with others.  This action will not only help people feel they have purpose, do worthwhile work and make a difference, but also allow others to learn from others success — Behavior that is rewarded and recognized will be repeated.

Healthcare FlywheelSM:
A teaching tool/diagram that illustrates the power that Purpose, Passion, To-Do’s and Results has in creating momentum in an organization. Studer Group developed the Healthcare Flywheel to help organizations understand the journey in creating great places for employees to work, physicians to practice, and patients to receive care.

Manage Up:
Positioning others in a positive light.  It is a form of communication at all levels that aligns your own skills, your co-workers, other departments and physicians to the goals of your organization.  Example:  Letting your supervisor know to attend a celebration regarding achievement of results or to pass on positive information regarding an area so that they can be recognized.  This makes you and your organization better and aligns everyone to working on the right goals.

Must HavesSM:
Specific actions and “to-do’s” common to organizations achieving exceptional results.  These Must Haves are based on the Nine Principles® and evolved from the Studer Group partnering with more than 250 organizations to identify these actions.  The Must HavesSM are (1) Rounding For Outcomes, (2) Employee Thank You Notes, (3) Selection And The First 90 Days, (4) Discharge Phone Calls, (5) Key Words At Key Times and (6) Aligning Leader Evaluations With Desired Behaviors.

Nine Principles®:
A sequenced step-by-step process and roadmap to attain desired results and help leaders develop and achieve an excellence-based culture. The Nine Principles® are (1) Commit to Excellence, (2) Measure the Important Things, (3) Build a Culture Around Service, (4) Create and Develop Leaders, (5) Focus on Employee Satisfaction, (6) Build Individual Accountability, (7) Align Behavior with Goals and Values, (8) Communicate at all Levels and (9) Reward and Recognize success.

A foundation and framework used to set organizational goals and the evaluation process.  Once the goals for each pillar are set for the organization as a whole, they are cascaded throughout, from the division level to department or unit level, to individual leader. Most organizations use the Five Pillars: Service, People, Quality, Financial, and Growth. These can be customized to fit specific language or organizational terms, or other pillars can be added, such as Community. These pillars then lay the framework for consistent evaluations, communications, and work planning.

Rounding for Outcomes:
Communicating with employees, physicians and patients in such a way that there is a specific purpose to walk away with specific outcomes.

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