Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked by health care leaders beginning the journey to service and operational excellence. Please contact us with any questions you have.

Q. What is Service & Operational Excellence?
A. Service & Operational Excellence is the relentless drive to reach extraordinary results through a combination of service excellence, leadership development, and accountability systems.

Q. Why do hospitals choose to work with the Studer Group?
A. Our clients find that they can accelerate organizational change to achieve results faster. As importantly, systems are hardwired to ensure the gains are not lost but built on for even greater results.

Q. Is your main focus on employee and patient satisfaction?
A. Yes, but we would also include physicians. We believe that by focusing on the right stake holders and right issues, other results will occur, such as increased margin, higher cash flow, and reduced risk. The key is it connects the hospital back to why they exist.

Q. Can we do this change process without Studer Group?
A. Yes, organizations throughout the country are driving for service excellence. Many have attended seminars to help them use specific tools and processes that Studer Group has found are critical in reaching excellence, such as the Nine PrinciplesSM. Most organizations who we coach have 1) felt they have gone as far as they can on their own and want to see further progress or 2) want to speed up the process and hardwire the changes or 3) do not want this to be just another program.

Q. How long does it take to change an organization so you start seeing real results?
A. We have seen decreased turnover in three to six months, increases in employee and patient satisfaction significantly increase in nine months, and patient volume rise in six to twelve months. For the results to be hardwired and a culture built that will last it will probably take an organization three to four years.

Q. Can you only implement only one of the Culture of Excellence Components and still see results?
A. Yes, short term. No, long term. Some of our organizations are focused just on Service Excellence and Accountability as they have their own Leadership Development focus. However the SG feels strongly that these three elements must be in place regardless of who is coaching to achieve lasting results.

Q. Our organization already has too many priorities. How can we fit something else on our plate?
A. We find that these are the exact types of organizations that need to focus on these priorities of service, leadership, and accountability. The plates are full in many ways because the leaders are focusing on too many goals, without enough training and skills and with a workforce that does not feel empowered nor valued. The Accountability and Leadership Development helps leaders handle a full plate. The plate will always be full.

Q. How is this different than all the other programs?
A. This is not a program. Quint Studer, when asked by an employee at forum once what name he was calling this effort, replied, “This is about making your organization a great hospital.” Studer Group works with organizations to change behaviors and to provide a framework of goals and principles to prioritize those behaviors.

Q. What is the biggest pitfall to success?
A. Studer Group finds that there are not quick fixes or simple recipes for success. Those who are good let good get in the way of great. There must be commitment and a relentless pursuit of your goals. This commitment comes from the senior leadership but eventually must be part of the overall culture of the organization. Tough decisions on people are necessary.

Q. What are typical results you see after implementing these different processes and behavior changes?
A. Typically our organizations see improvement in patient, employee, and physician satisfaction leading to improved bottom line, lower turnover, and higher bond rating. One of the key process focus for the SG coach is to ensure that their clients are measuring for these outcomes on a frequent basis and holding leaders accountable for these results.

Q. How do you sustain the initial results?
A. By implementing the accountability and leadership development systems.

Q. How can I learn more about Studer Group?
A. Contact us at help@studergroup.com or 850 934 1099 and request to speak with one of our Client Partner Directors.

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