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Studer Group is an executive coaching firm devoted to teaching prescriptive tools and processes that organizations can use immediately to create and sustain service and operational excellence. Partner organizations see clear results in the arenas of higher employee retention, greater customer satisfaction, healthy financials, growing market share, and improvements in various other quality indicators. Studer Group has worked with more than 400 health care systems, hospitals, and medical groups since the firm’s inception in 1999.

Mission and Vision Studer Group’s mission is to make health care a better place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care. Our vision is to be the intellectual resource for healthcare professionals, combining passion with prescriptive actions and tools, to maximize human potential within each organization and healthcare as a whole.

Harvesting Best Practices from a National Learning Lab CEO Quint Studer and Studer Group’s coaches teach, train, and speak to thousands of leaders at health care organizations nationwide each week, both on-site through coaching engagements and at frequent industry speaking engagements. This ongoing “in the trenches” dialogue provides ample opportunity to spot best practices in action from “first mover” innovators at many organizations. These are then harvested and tested in other organizations, refined, and shared with all health care organizations through peer-reviewed journal articles, Studer Group publications, and products to accelerate change.

Because we find that reducing leadership variance lies at the very heart of creating a consistent culture of excellence, Studer Group also helps organizations to hardwire great leadership. The firm retains a specialist to harvest effective tools and techniques and then share best practices for development of Leadership Development Institutes that efficiently turn training into results.

In July 2004, Studer Group also announced its Alliance for Health Care Research, which studies best practices using data from Studer Group’s national learning lab to validate and quantity their impact and application at all health care organizations. The Alliance conducts rigorous qualitative and quantitative studies and invites participation by both client partners and non-partners of Studer Group.

Resources to Support Learning Studer Group’s core values (teamwork, respect, integrity, generosity, and learning) are reflected in the products and services we offer. The Studer Group website, www.studergroup.com, offers a wealth of free information, articles, custom advice, and downloadable tools at no charge. Studer Group’s quarterly magazine Hardwired Results also mails to 41,000 senior leaders each issue and is also available on-line.

Many organizations are introduced to Studer Group through Quint Studer’s landmark book Hardwiring Excellence or by attending one of our two-day Institutes, Taking You and Your Organization to the Next Level presented by Quint Studer, The Nuts and Bolts of Service Excellence in the Emergency Department, and Focusing Nine Principles® on Food and Environmental Services. More than 1,000 leaders attend Studer Group’s annual conference to hear peer presentations at “What’s Right in Health Care.”

A full range of video products (Must-HavesSM Video Series, Moving Organizational Performance: HighMiddleLowSM Performers), web seminars, and software (Leader Evaluation ManagerSM: Results through Accountability) are used by hundreds of organizations as stand-alone products or to accelerate and hardwire results through Studer Group coaching engagements.



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