Analyzing HCAHPS: Two Resources on a Hot Topic

April 14, 2010

In the past, hospitals have used a variety of mechanisms to measure patient satisfaction. That is about to change. The reason? HCAHPS scores. This standardized patient survey tool is the only one that a) provides a true “apples to apples” comparison, b) overtly connects to clinical outcomes, and c) shares its results with the public.

More and more hospitals are taking notice of HCAHPS—and since the results are posted online for the world to see, so are more and more consumers. If you want to know how your organization is really doing, this is the only patient survey tool you need.

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by Becker’s Hospital Review on the subject. I invite you to read the resulting article: “Quint Studer: Using HCAHPS to Drive Patient Satisfaction.”

Also, last month on my radio show I interviewed Karen Cook, RN, on HCAHPS results, how they connect to quality and clinical outcomes, and what hospitals can do to effectively use this data.

One of the nation’s leading HCAHPS experts, Karen has more than 20 years of clinical nursing and management experience in healthcare. She has been particularly successful in helping organizations reduce turnover and empower nurses to participate in creating great work environments.

Click here to listen to my interview with her (it’s broken into three segments). As you can see, HCAHPS is a “game changer” for our industry. I hope you will take advantage of these two resources to learn more about it and what it means for our industry’s future.


One Response to “Analyzing HCAHPS: Two Resources on a Hot Topic”

  1. As an executive with one of the largest patient satisfaction research vendors, I agree entirely with the article on driving patient satisfaction through HCAHPS measurement. Our organization is the only major research organization that adopted HCAHPS and has created an integrated CAHPS-aligned strategy for all of our survey types for the continuum of care. This approach allows hospitals to add questions to the HCAHPS survey for inpatient measurement and allows the hospital to compare their results to the national database which has nearly 4000 hospitals. This really allows hospitals to have one focus on one measurement tool. There is no confusion by trying to explain the results of two separate surveys. We have found many new clients who have been frustrated with being in the top percentile of another vendor’s proprietary database only to find out they are ranking much lower in the publically reported database. We believe CMS will not stop at just HCAHPS. HH-CAHPS, CG-CAHPS etc. are already developed. Others will be on the way. It is our approach to get hospitals prepared now for the future of Value-Based Purchasing and other CAHPS surveys.

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