Announcing the Largest Ever Study on Health Care Leadership Skills

March 25, 2009

I’m writing to ask for your participation in an important research project within the healthcare industry. We anticipate that the findings of this study will impact how we train future health care leaders, just as the previous studies you helped us with proved the dramatic benefits of hourly rounding, identified characteristics of high performing organizations and shed light on issues of work-life blend among women in healthcare.

We are conducting what we hope will be the largest study ever of health care leadership skills. Our goal is to ensure that the next generation of leaders has the skills required to make healthcare even better. Conducted in partnership with The George Washington University, this study seeks to better understand the skills you had as an early careerist, the skills you think are most important for new leaders to possess and skills you believe will be needed in the future.

If you hold a leadership, management, or supervisory position in healthcare organizations, I invite you and/or your colleagues to take part in this study to create recommendations for actions and policies to enhance the skill sets of new healthcare leaders.

Go to and complete the survey by April 10th. The fifteen minutes of your time needed to complete the survey will impact the future of healthcare. We commit to sharing the results broadly and free of charge this summer.

The knowledge gained from the study will help schools and employers better train and retain healthcare leaders, two critical steps toward creating better places to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Every day we all have the ability to make a difference. Here’s an opportunity that will only take you 15 minutes today for results that will last generations.

Yours in service,



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