The RN Renewal Plan: Why It’s So Important To Help Nurses Reignite Their Passion for Helping Others.

February 26, 2009

All nurses are inspired at the start of their career, but over time, the stresses of the job can overwhelm their sense of purpose. Leaders that help nurses re-connect—in turn, see their organizations thrive.

Anyone who works with nurses knows the profession is a double-edged sword: the very qualities that attract caring, compassionate people to the field also burn them out. It’s true. Impacting lives on such a profound level, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, can be exhausting beyond words. And because the energy and passion of nurses is so intricately connected to a healthcare organization’s bottom line, leaders must take steps to sustain these elusive qualities.

It’s this simple: nurses who find their work rewarding provide better clinical care. Plus, their happiness and fulfillment positively impact other nurses and the workplace as a whole. An organization staffed by nurses who feel a sense of purpose, who engage with their patients on a real, human level, is a healthy hospital in every sense of the word. So helping them re-ignite their passion for their work is a critical business goal.

So, how can leaders help nurses know their impact? Click here to access three “Spiritual Stretches” to help nurses stay connected to the difference they make, excerpted from Inspired Nurse, by Rich Bluni, RN.

It’s no wonder nurses are so inspired at the beginning of their career. They get to share in some of the most joyful times in people’s lives and ease their pain in the toughest times. It’s a privilege. And it’s as important for nurses to nurture themselves as it is to nurture their patients. Taking the time to tap back into this calling will help nurses give the best care possible.

Just envision a hospital filled with inspired nurses working to execute common goals. It’s easy to see why it’s worthwhile to do so: better clinical outcomes, less employee turnover and all the other results of employee motivation equal a healthy bottom line.

Click here to view a free 30 minute webinar on how to create a culture of work-life blend in your organization that will improve employee turnover and satisfaction.

The work we do in healthcare is very powerful. We change lives and bring comfort, joy and healing to each patient we meet.


3 Responses to “The RN Renewal Plan: Why It’s So Important To Help Nurses Reignite Their Passion for Helping Others.”

  1. Nurses hold the keys to exceptional patient care…the most powerful role in healthcare. They do tire, get worn down and sometime worn out from the stress, strain and lack of recognition. There is a powerful program called The Daisy Foundation, which encourages patients and families to recognize nursing excellence.

    At places like Community Hospital North in Indianapolis, IN I have witnessed ‘nurse recognition programs’ galvanize a nursing organization and improve patient care. It’s inspiring to see, and it works. An old wooden box with comment cards is not the answer. Ask patients proactively for feedback — and CELEBRATE the great care that your nurses are providing.

    Michael O’Neil
    Chief Executive Officer
    GetWellNetwork, Inc.

  2. Mike Says:

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  3. Teri Hudgens Says:

    A story “A hand to Hold”…thank you for who ever sent me this website….it inspired me to think about a recent moment I had with a patient.This patient was a 90 year old gentlemen scheduled to go home in the morning with hospice….he was the most caring,considerate and grateful patient for everything as we helped him with his care. He always asked every nurse what their name was if he could not remember you and he seemed to remember us all each time we entered his room.he was such a sweet nice guy,he reminded me of my grandfather too.But this night as I entered his room he was asleep or dozing and his daughter was holding his hand. she told me”He does not want me to leave”I could see in her eyes how tired she was and how much she loved her Dad.I told her I will hold his hand so she could go home. I sat on the opposite side of his bed in a chair and held his hand…and his daughter left.his hand was so warm and firm and he rested.I thought as I sat their all the tasks I should be doing,the staff I should be helping ,the phone calls going unanswered with the nursing office calling me for a new admit and i just took a deep breath and remembered..this what what I became a nurse to do and the kind of nurse I’ve always been.It has inspired me to keep going on the shifts when I wonder do I make a difference..will I get it all done. If I have time and make the time to hold a hand ..I have mmade a difference at Delta.

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