Work-Life Blend Among Women Employed in the Healthcare Industry

March 4, 2008

As I travel the country and meet women who work in healthcare, the ever-increasing demands that women have in both their personal and professional lives is apparent. There are 10.7 million females employed in the healthcare industry. These women are making a difference at work, at home, and in the community. They shoulder tremendous responsibilities. It is time to better understand the unique and delicate issues of professional/personal blend facing the women who work in healthcare.

I invite you and/or your female colleagues to take part in a groundbreaking study to find solutions to work/life blend among women employed within the healthcare industry.

  • Go to and complete the survey.
    The fifteen minutes of your time needed to complete the survey will impact the future of healthcare.

The knowledge gained from the study will uncover new and different opportunities that employers can execute for greater recruitment and retention of female employees. This will enhance the work life environment for women and, through an enhanced work environment, we will produce improved patient care.

Every day we all have the ability to make a difference. This is an opportunity to directly touch the lives of the women you work side by side with. Again, I ask you and/or your female coworkers to be a part of developing solutions regarding the importance of females in healthcare.


4 Responses to “Work-Life Blend Among Women Employed in the Healthcare Industry”

  1. Maria Hood Says:

    So glad that someone is evaluating the status of women specifically in the healthcare workforce! I enjoyed the survey but wished for more room for specific comments…though I appreciate there may have been a very specific focus for this particular study. I’ve worked in healthcare for fifteen years and birthed and mostly raised my kids through that time (I have two teenagers). I have both struggled with stressors associated with being a working mom and benefited from some of the creative solutions that were offered along the way. Bottom line, there’s always a portion of motherhood guilt one takes with one as a working parent no matter what; working parents need to share with one another and support one another. In the bigger picture, we as a society should be aware of the history of parents moving out of the home to work and look to re-create conditions to unify the home and work environments as much as possible. The technologies for communicating and data sharing that are available to us these days open doors to possibilities we couldn’t have dreamed of just a short time ago.

  2. Michele Siem Says:

    I completed the survey and my answers are certainly different that they would have been several years ago when my children were younger. Then I was working fulltime nights, going to school anywhere from fulltime to partime and my children were anywhere from 2 years and up. The other thing that is hard on surveys is my current boss is phenomenal, however that does not mean the entire institution is as supportive as he is. The other thing I learned several years ago was how to recognize in myself when I need to do things for myself. I sew or quilt etc. These are the things that keep me balanced. Great study and glad to see someone is doing it.

  3. Sue Heiser Says:

    Good Evening,

    The survey did not have n/a for those of us who do not have a spouse at home, do not take care of children, and do not take care of parents. There wasn’t a category for “widow” but there was for “separated”. How can the results be accurate if there is an answer required for a question that doesn’t pertain?

    Thanks for the opportunity to express concerns.

  4. Kathy Dropeski Says:

    Thank you for conducting a valuable survey. I look forward to seeing the results when they are published. I’m glad that someone out there is keyed in to the unique challenges that women in the workplace are faced with. It’s great that you included concerns with elder care in the study as surely this will be an issue for many more working women as our population ages. As a working mom, I took a small amount of comfort just in completing the survey, knowing that others out there have many of the same worries and frustrations that I do at times.

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